Kurpiers Consulting provides qualitative research project design, management, implementation, and insights that guide B2C or B2B product development, branding, marketing, and communications decisions.

Our consultants deliver insights based on below-the-surface examination of consumer needs, wants, beliefs, and expectations. Our focus groups, depth interviews, and other data-collection methods rely on our moderators’ deep listening skills and ability to connect respondents in conversation with the moderator and with each other.


Qualitative research planning and implementation services

  • Focus groups (in-person/on-premises and online)
  • IDIs
  • Ethnography
  • Other online data collection methods, e.g., bulletin boards

Deliverables based on client objectives

  • Raw data (respondent verbatims)
  • Strategic insights based on project objectives
  • Hypotheses for further testing in quantitative research phases (as needed)
  • Actionable pathways to client goals


The goal of Kurpiers Consulting is in delivering strategic insights that meet clients’ needs. Clients come to us with specific questions about how to define and achieve strategic goals: Kurpiers Consulting helps provide direction.

A successful market research project delivers insights that inspire great marketing, communications, or product design decisions. Kurpiers Consulting listens closely to client objectives to design and plan projects that dig up the kinds of findings needed, then reports findings in ways that make sense to you, the client.

Great insights arise from relaxed, authentic conversations where people feel comfortable sharing genuine feelings and perspectives. We create environments where participants share freely and honestly – and then we deliver strategic insights that inspire new ideas for clients to communicate with and meet the needs of their consumers and constituents.

The thrill in qualitative market research is in big-picture thinking. We start projects with clear goals and objectives. Then we transform observations and respondent data into insights, and synthesize insights into actionable, effective strategies or hypotheses for further testing. More simply, it means telling a story of who your customers are, what they want and need, how they might interact in community, and how you ever-improve your relationship with that community. That’s how our clients find success in the work we’ve produced together.