Joyce Kurpiers, Ph.D., Principal

Joyce Kurpiers, Ph.D., Principal

Joyce Kurpiers is Principal of Kurpiers Consulting, and specializes in voice-of-customer qualitative research methods. A perceptive ethnographer, focus group moderator, and interviewer, Joyce draws out insights that help institutions foster relationships with delighted, loyal constituents.

Through her anthropological training and genuine curiosity for how people tick, Joyce unpacks complex belief systems that influence people’s decision-making processes, motivations, and behaviors. In the process, she unveils stories about how brands, products, and services can best satisfy people’s wants and needs.

Because of her adaptability and wide-ranging interests, Joyce’s insights have contributed to strategic planning, product development, and messaging in a broad array of categories, including Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and CPG organizations, top business schools and R-1 (top tier research) universities, and national non-profits.

Besides her passion for thinking about how people think, Joyce is a health and wellness enthusiast who has taught group exercise classes for nearly two decades. From weightlifting to kickboxing, sports conditioning, and yoga-based formats, Joyce thrives on challenge of using an exercise format to key into whatever will rouse courage in participants to step outside self-perceived limitations. “I’m inspired by people’s stories of life change through exercise and wellness. It’s an honor to be witness to people’s lives in that way.”

Joyce also enjoys training her dog, a shelter rescue named Oli. She avidly reads, and tries her hand at cooking once in a while (though her amazing husband is the real chef in the household). Joyce’s travels to southern Africa, Australia, Europe, and throughout the US feed her fascinations with people, culture, and community-building.

Before earning her Ph.D. from Duke University, Joyce completed her M.A. at the University of Wisconsin—Madison.